Streamlining Software Delivery: Implementing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for a Public Sector Client


Our client, a public sector organization, encountered difficulties deploying their application in a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model. The absence of automation and visibility in their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) led to extended release cycles for their rapidly growing team.


To enhance release management efficiency, the client engaged Aplima to provide a solution. They required improvements in their software delivery process, visualization of SDLC stages, tooling automation, and integration of test environments.


Our actions included conducting a comprehensive assessment, recommending and implementing a continuous delivery pipeline, incorporating shift left security and automated testing, refactoring build jobs into pipeline jobs, documenting tooling and procedures, providing hands-on training, and facilitating process migration.


By implementing the continuous delivery pipeline and following our recommended actions, we achieved the following results for the client:

  • Increased release frequency: The adoption of the continuous delivery pipeline enabled faster and more frequent releases, effectively resolving the challenges associated with longer release cycles.
  • Improved product quality: The integration of code reviews, static analysis tools, and automated testing significantly enhanced the overall quality of the client's mobile application.
  • Continuous feedback: The introduction of new tooling and processes in the SDLC provided the client with continuous feedback, empowering them to identify and address issues more effectively.

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