the challenge

In today's fast-paced software landscape, large companies with monolithic code bases face significant challenges in maintaining agility and scaling their applications. Lengthy build and deployment times hinder continuous integration and delivery, resulting in slower release cycles and missed market opportunities.

our solution

At Aplima, we offer the PlatformAccelerator, a comprehensive service designed to help organizations overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of their software applications. By adopting a microservices architecture and leveraging AI, ML, and advanced observability, businesses can realize the following benefits:


AGILITY UNLEASHED - Rapidly implement changes to your software applications, significantly reducing deployment times and increasing the frequency of releases. Embrace the power of continuous integration and delivery facilitated by our tailored approach and AI-driven automation.


DEVELOPER PRODUCTIVITY BOOST - Onboarding new developers becomes seamless as they can quickly grasp the functionality of specific services and contribute effectively from the start. Our expertise in AI-driven knowledge sharing and collaboration tools empowers your team to be more productive and accelerate development cycles.


SCALABILITY MADE SIMPLE - Scale your applications effortlessly, both horizontally and vertically, to meet growing demands. Leverage AI and ML techniques to dynamically optimize resource allocation and ensure optimal performance even during peak usage periods.


OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY ACHIEVED - Deliver new products and services faster while optimizing resource utilization. Our tailored solutions, powered by AI and automation, streamline your operations, minimize downtime, and maximize efficiency.


ENHANCED SECURITY POSTURE - Benefit from simplified security monitoring as various parts of your application are isolated into independent services. Our AI-driven security frameworks and proactive monitoring enhance your security measures and safeguard your valuable data.


TECHNOLOGY DIVERSITY UNLEASHED - Embrace the flexibility of using multiple languages and development frameworks for your services. With our expertise in AI and ML, we help you select and optimize the best tools for each microservice, tailoring your technology stack to your specific needs.


RESILIENCE AMPLIFIED - Isolate application functionality into individual services, ensuring that failures in one service do not disrupt the entire system. Our approach, combined with AI-driven fault tolerance mechanisms, enhances the resilience and reliability of your applications.


REVENUE ACCELERATION - By enabling faster delivery and reducing application downtime, you can seize new revenue opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the market. Realize the true potential of your business with our Microservices Accelerator powered by AI and ML.


EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CONTAINERIZATION - Our PlatformAccelerator leverages containerization, a powerful technology that fulfills all the requirements of microservices. With containerization, AI-driven resource optimization, and advanced observability, we help you optimize resource utilization, simplify deployment, and enhance the scalability and portability of your microservices architecture.


Partner with Aplima and embark on a transformative journey towards microservices excellence. Unleash the power of agility, scalability, operational efficiency, AI, ML, and observability, and revolutionize the way you develop and deliver software applications.



Let's accelerate your digital transformation and drive your business forward with our PlatformAccelerator. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a path to success.