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At Aplima, we recognize the increasing importance of adopting DevOps methodologies for businesses seeking a competitive edge. Many organizations embark on DevOps transformation strategies but soon encounter unexpected challenges and pitfalls, realizing the missed opportunities that come with such a transition.


Our aim is to guide you through a successful DevOps transformation journey, helping you overcome challenges, leverage opportunities, and achieve your desired outcomes.

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We understand that each business has its unique opportunities and challenges. Our experienced team of consultants specializes in developing customizable and sustainable step-by-step DevOps transformation plans tailored to your organization.

our methods

At Aplima, we employ a range of methods to ensure successful DevOps transformation aligned with your specific needs:


Value Stream Mapping - We conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify major sources of inefficiencies and waste within your current processes. This exercise enables us to pinpoint areas for improvement and optimization.


Objective Selection - Based on the identified areas for transformation, we employ objective selection criteria to determine the target process for transformation. This ensures a focused and efficient approach to maximize results.


Organizational Structure Changes - We suggest necessary organizational structure changes to facilitate a seamless and rapid transformation. By aligning roles and responsibilities, we enable cross-functional collaboration and efficient workflows.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - We work closely with your team to identify and measure key performance indicators for the process undergoing transformation. This data-driven approach allows us to track progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the transformation strategy.


Continuous Evaluation and Improvement - Using the identified KPIs, we regularly evaluate the progress of the transformation and incorporate changes based on the feedback. This iterative approach ensures continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving needs.


Cultural Change Enablement - We provide guidance and strategies to foster cultural changes that support continuous learning and improvement. Our experts will help create an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and experimentation, vital for successful DevOps transformation.


Stakeholder Engagement - We emphasize the importance of engaging key stakeholders throughout the transformation process. By involving leadership, teams, and other relevant stakeholders, we ensure alignment, buy-in, and collective ownership of the transformation journey.


Agile Adoption - f applicable, we help integrate Agile practices into the DevOps transformation, enabling iterative and incremental approaches. This fosters adaptability, responsiveness, and efficient delivery of value to your customers.

Tooling and Automation: We guide you in selecting and implementing the right tools and automation solutions to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve collaboration among teams.


Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) - We assist in establishing robust CI/CD pipelines to accelerate software development and deployment cycles. This leads to faster time-to-market, higher quality releases, and increased customer satisfaction.


Security and Compliance -  We ensure that security and compliance practices are integrated into the DevOps transformation journey. By implementing robust security measures and compliance frameworks, we help safeguard your data, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate risks.


Change Management -  We address the challenges associated with change management during the transformation process. Our change management strategies help navigate resistance, communicate effectively, and foster a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement.


Let us partner with you on your transformational journey and unleash the full potential of your organization.


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