From Challenges to Success: Aplima's AWS Solution for Mobile IoT Infrastructure


The client, a major global mobile IoT solutions provider with a presence across the world and over 300 users, encountered difficulties in infrastructure provisioning and software delivery as their product portfolio grew. In our capacity as a consultant team engaged by the client, we were assigned the responsibility of resolving these challenges. The client specifically selected AWS as their preferred platform, recognizing its capabilities in meeting their needs.


Our team's task was to identify and recommend a solution that would effectively address the client's infrastructure provisioning and software delivery challenges. 


To address the client's infrastructure provisioning and software delivery challenges, our team took the following actions, leveraging the capabilities of AWS:

  • Leveraged the highly scalable and available Route 53 service for efficient routing of end user requests to infrastructure running in AWS.
  • Provisioned a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to provide the client with complete control over their virtual networking environment.
  • Utilized NAT Gateway to establish secure connections between EC2 instances in private subnets and the internet.
  • Deployed OpenVPN and hardened Bastion Hosts to ensure secure access for corporate users.
  • Implemented Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to evenly distribute incoming traffic across multiple AWS EC2 instances.
  • Utilized SQS to decouple and scale different components of the software application.
  • Created, published, maintained, monitored, and secured APIs using Amazon API Gateway.
  • Leveraged Amazon RDS, a fully managed database platform, to support the client's workload database.
  • Utilized AWS ElasticCache Memcached to enhance the performance of dynamic web applications.
  • Employed AWS Opsworks with Chef recipes for automated deployment and management of infrastructure.
  • Stored all logs in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).

By undertaking these actions, our team aimed to address the client's challenges and improve their infrastructure provisioning and software delivery processes.


  • Increased agility and speed in deploying the client's software infrastructure.
  • Improved overall workforce productivity.
  • Enabled the client to focus on improving core processes, resulting in estimated cost savings of 37%.

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