Transforming Global Online Gaming: Delivering a Cost-Effective and Scalable GIT Management Solution


Our client, a global online gaming company with 1000 users worldwide, was engaged in Agile development and required an efficient and cost-effective GIT management solution. They approached Aplima for an assessment of their current GIT usage and recommendations for tooling and implementation.



Our team was assigned the responsibility of analyzing the client's software development lifecycle (SDLC) process and existing source code management (SCM) system. The objective was to identify areas for improvement and create a comprehensive migration plan. We conducted interviews with subject matter experts, system administrators, and other stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the existing system.


During the assessment phase, we identified several specific outcomes desired by the client, which were crucial for the success of the project. These outcomes included achieving operational efficiency through tool consolidation, streamlining development processes, enabling multisite support, implementing active-active high availability clustering, ensuring seamless integration with the application lifecycle management (ALM) toolchain, and achieving compliance with SOX regulations. These outcomes served as guiding principles throughout the analysis and tool selection process.


Additionally, as part of our action plan, we conducted interviews with key stakeholders to gather insights and understand their requirements. We facilitated deep dive sessions to delve deeper into the existing system and its limitations. By formulating comprehensive user requirements based on these insights, we were able to align the project goals with the client's expectations.


Furthermore, we conducted a thorough evaluation and comparison of features among three major enterprise tools: Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab. This analysis helped us identify the most suitable solution that would address the client's requirements effectively.


As a result of our comprehensive analysis and diligent efforts, we successfully delivered a cost-effective GIT management solution that aligned with the client's desired outcomes.


The implemented solution achieved operational efficiency, streamlined development processes, provided multisite support, implemented active-active high availability clustering, seamlessly integrated with the ALM toolchain, and ensured compliance with SOX regulations.

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