Customer  One of the largest networking companies

Size  200+ developers in North America

project overview

Our client, a Media Experience organization, working on next generation multimedia platform and applications, having 200+ developers in North America, was using a variety of version control tools thus making it difficult for the teams to collaborate and deliver in an Agile centric environment. It also created a support nightmare to maintain and ensure uptime of various tooling components.

The client wanted Aplima to provide them with a cost effective singular SCM solution to streamline and speed up their overall software development process.

Our team performed a comprehensive review of our client’s existing SCM tooling, workflows, repository sizes, grouping, history, SLOC, access control management, multi-site replication, disaster recovery policies and procedures.

We recommended and implemented new Distributed version control software (DVCS) solution, and workflows based on Industry best practices. We also performed a customized training for all the developers to bring them up to the speed on new system.


  • Single version control tool for the organization
  • Cost effective solution
  • Support Agile software development
  • Branching and Merging Strategies
  • User Training


  • Consolidation of SCM Tools
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Training for the new tooling


  • Assessment of the current usage of version control tools (Clearcase, SVN, GIT)
  • Recommendation and Proof of Concept (POC) of a new tool
  • Recommendation for refactoring of bloated repositories
  • Recommendation for storing legacy code base
  • Recommendation for branching strategies
  • Recommendation for high availability and disaster recovery planning
  • Developer training
  • Migration to the new tool


  • Cost effective consolidated distributed version control system
  • Enhanced Agile Software Development with faster code checkouts, builds, testing, versioning, and rollouts
  • Unified SCM branching and tagging
  • Centralized Repository Access controls administration and management
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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