Streamlining Collaboration and Boosting Productivity: A Case Study in Consolidating SCM Tools for a Large Networking Company


A media experience organization , with over 200 developers in North America, faced challenges in collaboration and software delivery due to the use of multiple version control tools. This hindered their ability to work in an Agile-centric environment and caused difficulties in maintaining and ensuring uptime of various tooling components.


The client sought a cost-effective solution to streamline their software development process and requested Aplima to provide a singular source code management (SCM) solution. They also required support for Agile software development, branching and merging strategies, and user training.



  • Reduce SCM tooling costs by 30% within six months.
  • Increase developer productivity by decreasing code checkout and build times by at least 20%.
  • Improve release cycle efficiency by reducing testing and versioning time by 15%.
  • Implement a standardized branching strategy to minimize conflicts and improve collaboration among development teams.
  • Ensure 100% of developers are trained and proficient in using the new SCM solution within three months.


  • Situation Analysis: Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the client's existing SCM tools, workflows, repository sizes, grouping, history, source lines of code (SLOC), access control management, multi-site replication, and disaster recovery policies.

  • Recommendation and Implementation: We recommended and implemented a new Distributed Version Control Software (DVCS) solution based on industry best practices.
    This involved:
    • Conducting a proof of concept (POC) for the recommended tool.
    • Refactoring bloated repositories for improved performance.
    • Providing recommendations for storing legacy code base.
    • Defining branching strategies to optimize development processes.
    • Developing high availability and disaster recovery plans.
    • Customizing training sessions to familiarize developers with the new system.


  • SCM tooling costs: By consolidating the SCM tools into a single solution, the client achieved a 30% reduction in monthly tooling costs within six months.

  • Code checkout and build times: The implementation of the new SCM solution resulted in a 20% decrease in average code checkout and build times, improving developer productivity.

  • Testing and versioning time: With the streamlined workflows and optimized processes facilitated by the new SCM solution, the client experienced a 15% reduction in testing and versioning time, enhancing release cycle efficiency.

  • Branching conflicts: The implementation of a standardized branching strategy minimized conflicts among development teams, improving collaboration and reducing disruptions caused by conflicts.

  • Developer training: Aplima successfully trained and ensured the proficiency of 100% of the developers in using the new SCM solution within three months, enabling a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of the new system.

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