git training



In this comprehensive course students will walk away with a solid understanding of the most popular and widely used Distributed Version control system, GIT.


Duration  1 Day

Availability  Classroom / Online

lab exercises

The lab exercises will allow students to master the concepts covered in the class.

target audience

Software developers, Build and release engineers, QA, DevOps professionals


  • Introduction
  • DVCS Concepts
  • Centralized version control
  • Distributed version control
  • Setting up GIT
    - Installing GIT
    - Configuring GIT
  • GIT Concepts
    - Objects, Hashes , Blobs
    - Transfer protocols
    - Workflow
  • GIT Core Usage
    - Repository setup
    - Tracking Changes
    - Saving changes
    - Inspecting repo
    - Undoing changes
    - Rewriting history
    - Tagging
  • GIT Branching and merging
    - Local branches
    - Remote Branches
    - Pulling changes from remote
    - Merge conflict resolution
    - Stashing
  • Advanced Usage
    - Rebase
    - Squashing
    - GIT Hooks
    - GIT Bisect
  • GIT Internals
    - Sub projects and Sub Modules
    - Plumbing and Porcelain
    - Packfiles
    - Refspec
    - Maintenance and Data Recovery
  • Code Collaboration Tools
    - Pull Requests
    - Branching Workflows
  • Migrating to GIT from other tools


Virtual classes and webinars that you can access from the convenience of your own computer.


GIT Training



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